Jeremy, Jake, Naomi, & Amelie

le jardin {the garden} May 29, 2010

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We are selling our house, or maybe what I should say is, our house is for sale.  I know planting a garden might be a dumb move, since we may not be here for harvest, but I don’t care.  I’m doing it.  Besides, the kids have enjoyed it, and  watering it kills that weird not quite bedtime time (like how I still have to talk myself into being ok with it. sad.) Anyway,we have a a somewhat soggy Spring, and my garden has greatly benefited from it and I am so very appreciative to God for watering for me. I took some photos of it today so you could see what I’ve got growing in my garden. If you want tips, don’t ask me. This is a fluke.

“look mom, fruitlets!”~Jeremy

Below:  is my “Watermelon” plant I bought from Lowes. yeah right.

rosemary & thyme

In my dream world, I would then harvest and cook amazing things with my home grown produce, all while artfully photographing each gourmet creation, and win prizes for my fantastic-ness. But lets face it, this maybe the first and last you see of this garden.

But One can dream.


Buzz-Cut Day. April 21, 2010

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So…it’s April. I’ve been neglecting this blog, I know. and I really have no good reason. so I’ll spare you the ” oh my gosh it’s been so long” schpeel. It’s my blog, so I don’t really need to apologize. right?

Actually, I was sitting at the computer doing business stuff (& trying to drown out Barney..ahhh! Why does he sing/talk?! It’s AWFUL!) and thought maybe I should put up some photos on my much forgotten blog.

We (meaning Jonathan, I’m mostly moral support) cut the boys hair, to save some money. I mean seriously, I’m not paying $15 for someone to buzz my kids’ head. forget it. If you do, more power to you. The boys are less than thrilled about it, and Naomi is always worried we are going to buzz her head next. So it’s a good deal of drama in our house on Buzz-cut day. But the result is worth it. Here are some photographs from this “fun” event. Enjoy.



Snow Ice Cream. January 31, 2010

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So, since we got 6 inches or so of snow the other day (which is super rare for NW Arkansas) I decided to make use of it, sort of. I made Snow Ice cream. Naomi and Jacob liked it, but Jeremy said “thumbs down” which isn’t shocking since he’s uber picky, and prefers processed foods anyhow. I kind of felt like a crafty mom for a quick sec.

Here is the recipe I used. If you have gobs of snow, and are in the mood for some.

1 cup of milk

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1/2 c. sugar

4 cups of FRESH (not yellow) snow

Mix all together and serve instantly! You could probably add strawberry syrup or chocolate syrup if you wanted something different.

Bon Apetit!


Here are some photos of my excursion with Craftiness..

Notice my Crazy red table and red walls ?  AHHH!!!! I must paint it’s driving me mad.


Bike Ride ~ January 24, 2010

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It’s been cold… really cold and just a few days ago, we had a break in the weather so Dad took us for a bike ride.  Check the fun that we had.  We were even able to go as fast as the speed limit!!


actual speed was more like 1 MPH 🙂

The gang showing off their ride


Take a Hike. December 7, 2009

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The day before thanksgiving we headed out to Devil’s Den to hike a bit, considering the inevitable calorie intake that would happen the following day.  Jonathan took most of these pictures, which was nice for me because I was wearing Amelie during the hike. The kids were being pretty hilarious, so we got some fun pictures.

So here we go…

This series cracks me up.

Naomi was reaching out for Jonathan’s hand. So sweet.

I love Amelie’s drooley crazy baby face.

Jeremy had an unfortunate face to face meeting with the sidewalk a few days earlier.

Jonathan’s cool pic of the bare trees @ Devil’s Den State Park.

We some horses we saw on the way back.

beautiful sunset over fayetteville.


Who do you want to be? November 2, 2009

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This mini conversation got me thinking:

Me: “hey what do you guys want be when you grow up?”.

Jeremy: ” superman!”

Naomi “tinkerbell!”

Jacob: “a dinosaur!”

I just can’t believe it has been 10 weeks since Amelie was born, and I can’t believe how fast time flies. Its seems to creep by slowly sometimes. Like today, where one extra hour, thanks to Daylight savings, seemed like it took forever to end. Realizing how much I want those looong days to end, makes me think how I should really relish this extra time with my kids. I look back at photos from days past, and think, I feel like life is happening to me sometimes, and I’m not really living it. Worrying too much about stuff that doesn’t matter, and missing the little things that do. It has been such a blessing and important element to my life as a mom, to have so many photographs of my children. It has been a great reminder to me to slow down, and enjoy my children, before they grow up, and become who they will be. I really hope Jacob doesn’t become a dinosaur 🙂

I usually don’t do blog posts like this, but I thought I would share what I have been thinking/tearing up about lately….and I think it’s good to blah-g it out sometimes.




Happy birthday…twins turns 3! October 15, 2009

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Jacob and Naomi turn 3 today! We can’t believe how time flies and how they have grown up…although they are trashing the bathroom as I write this. It is their 2nd annual birthday flu. How lucky can you get! They are vegging out with movies and coming up with all sorts of fun/trouble.

This morning we had donuts, and they got their gifts from Jeremy, Mom & Dad and Mamie & Papou. Here are some fun pics we took. Oh and there will be some of baby Amelie, who will be 8 weeks tomorrow! I have not done well at updating this blog,but I have a good excuse I think 😉




amelie board