Jeremy, Jake, Naomi, & Amelie

Fondu for us! May 21, 2011

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Since Jonathan grew up in France and I lived there a short while, we occasionally have to re-live some fantastic French food moments. This means Crepes, Raclette, Boeuf Bourguignon, Cuisses de Canard and now Fondu Savoyarde make cameo appearances in our dinner menus. Last night we were delighted to find Comte and Beaufort  (Frenchy Cheeses) at Sam’s club, they make the meal authentic. We kinda sorta waaaay over estimated the amount of cheese we would need, we were wishing some grandparents could show up on the scene and help us out, but alas they live far far away. Our kids ate a lot though, Jacob gave it “thumb’s up” Naomi said “Ya know, I just want more and more” Jeremy asked “can we have this every night?” and Amelie made the sign for “more”.  I think the French gene transfer is now complete. Magnifique! We will definitely do it again, and we’ll plan a little better how much we make….or maybe we’ll just have a party and let some others experience this gut busting delicious way to eat cheese. Seriously only the French can get away with eating Cheese dip in such an elegant way!

Here is the recipe we used (next time we will cut it in half)

400g Comte

400g Beaufort

400g Guyere

1/2 litre dry white wine

1/2 litre water (this was because we have small children)

8g Cornstarch

1 Glove garlic

3 baguettes or thick bread sliced or cubed

1. Cut garlic and rub inside of fondu pot for flavoring, discard clove.

2. Grate cheeses and keep separate ***this can be hazardous to your finger tips, and J found out 😦

3. Add Wine and water (reserving a small glass) and heat on Medium

4. Slowly add cheese one handful at a time and stir in a figure 8. Allow them to melt, and continue adding

5. While adding cheeses, mix cornstarch in glass of WARMED water/wine  and add to pot

6. Continue to stir slowly in figure 8 until smooth, creamy and emulsified.

7. If too thick, add water or wine. If too thin add more cheese or cornstarch and warmed wine/water.

Serve immediately placed over sterno gel flame. Enjoy! This recipe feeds 6 super hungry adults, or 8 moderately hungry.

Serve with  plate of Fresh fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew) to cut the richness and refresh.

Bon Appetit!

These photos were all done on my iphone because that was all we had at home at the time.


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