Jeremy, Jake, Naomi, & Amelie

Long time no see. May 13, 2011

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I know its been forever since I updated this blog. I’m not going to go on and on about it. I’m just going to try to do better 🙂

We HAVE been taking lots and lots of photos of the kids, and I thought that I would just start with something fun. A few weeks ago we went to the Dogwood festival. Every year our town throws a Spring festival, called the Dogwood. There are loads of booths selling everything from delicious eats to quirky crafts. We always get Kettle Corn. With four kids, we could drop a lot at the festival, so we decided to pick one thing that we could all enjoy together. We really enjoy family days, and want to try to keep it, NOT all about getting and buying fun, but enjoying the time we get to hang out together. I’m quite proud of this family date, I think I did well.

We got the biggest bag of Kettle Corn they have ($5.00) and then stroll through the sea of people and check out all the booths. It was sunny on Friday, and didn’t rain until the last day. Usually it rains more during the Dogwood. Hopefully it was a success to all the patrons that came in and set up their goods.

After seeing all we could, we took the kids out to get ice cream. I had a gift card so it only cost us 34 cents for 4 scoops of Ice cream!!  Grand total= $5.34 Not too shabby I think.

They have grown so much since the last post, and have such funny personalities. We are so blessed and really enjoy them a lot. Here are some fun pictures of our mini family day. Enjoy!


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