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First fruits… June 28, 2010

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I was so excited to find some beautiful red tomatoes in my garden. FINALLY! I have been so eagerly awaiting them. I planted them mainly because I’ve been craving bruschetta forever. And last night, we ate our fill. Yummm. Plus I have a very productive basil bush happening right now.  My zucchini decided to be a late bloomer, and produce monster size squash. I’m pretty proud that I haven’t killed my garden plants…yet. Maybe it has something to do with planting it on our old compost spot. Anyway, in spite of me, my garden is growing bountifully.  Here are a couple pics.


One Response to “First fruits…”

  1. Dinah Beckman Says:

    Becky, I’m so proud of you and the garden. Isn’t it fun to see things grow that you’ve planted? Zucchinis grow so fast, unlike the upside down tomatoes that Dad planted and haven’t produced a thing, just lots of branches and blossoms.

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