Jeremy, Jake, Naomi, & Amelie

Perks of a small town # 23 June 4, 2010

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We headed down to the market this week to pick up some fresh produce and enjoy the cooking demo by the Cafe on Broadway. The kids loved it, it was hard to keep them from touching everything.  It was tricky to decide who to buy from. I mean, do you always buy from the same person, or do you spread the love around? I grew up in a Chicago suburb, so I’m not schooled in farmers market etiquette. I bought some fresh lettuce mix from Chaney Farms( I kinda sorta know them), and then from another guy I picked out some sweet potatoes for Amelie’s baby food, I grabbed a bunch of radishes (mmm, so good), and then bought the most delicious loaf of corn bread I have EVER eaten. We hoovered the whole thing. It was sweet and moist and melted in your mouth. Wow, I’m hungry for it now.

We watched the cooking demo of the strawberry fields salad from the Cafe and then got to sample it. Along with the cornbread I bought it was the perfect snack. Later , for lunch I made a salad with the stuff I bought, it was de-lish.

So here are some pics from the day. If you haven’t visited the Farmers Market, it is Tues/Thursday mornings, and then once a month there is a cooking demo from some local business. Go! I’ll probably be there, stalking the local produce and devouring cornbread. Have a great weekend!

Waiting for balloons!

Oh and here is what I made at home from some of my farmers market buys…yummy!

A mixed green salad with chicken, walnuts, apple and Parmesan cheese and CORNBREAD!


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