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Say…Cheese(sticks) June 1, 2010

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Our family is in love with cheese. All kinds of cheese. Jonathan is French, so it would be a capital offense if we didn’t. Last week I decided to try and make friend cheese sticks. So I found a recipe on the Pioneer Woman (who is like super woman with spurs). and gave it a whirl. It was so easy and sooo delicious. I barely had a chance to take a picture of them, because I was stuffing them in my mouth.

Here are some pictures I took of my little culinary adventure. WARNING: Make twice as many as you think you want, because they are TWICE as good as store bought!

Step 1: Get a bunch of string cheese from the store and open them without swearing.

Step 2: Cut them in half.

Step 3: get out three bowls. In one put some flour, in the second a cup of Italian bread crumbs or Panko bread crumbs (and season with italian seasonings) in the third put 2 eggs and beat with 3 tbls spoons of milk.

Then make crazy toothed smile face with said bowls. haha.

Step 4: dip each cheese stick in flour, then egg, then bread crumbs. Once they are all ready, heat some oil and drop those suckers in until crispy and brown.

Step 5: Drop them on some paper towel…then devour immediately. If you’re an over-achiever, which I am not,  pre make some homemade marinara sauce.

Step 6: Bribe your family to do all sorts of cleaning for one of these. They’ll totally give.

Step 7: ENJOY!

I fly by the seat of my pants on everything, and this includes recipes. For the real correct step by step go: HERE



3 Responses to “Say…Cheese(sticks)”

  1. pedro Says:

    I guess wine just wouldn’t go as well with salty, fried cheese. My mouth is watering , and I just ate lunch. We’ll have to try these – Anna would love them.

  2. boxfivephotography Says:


    • Shannon Says:

      Am I leaving a reply to the second reply? I got confused and can’t think straight wanting that fried cheese so badly. I am definitely going to do this some day soon I hope. Cheese is my favorite (right up there with smiling), so YAH!! 😀

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