Jeremy, Jake, Naomi, & Amelie

The Dogwood Festival April 30, 2007

Filed under: The Dogwood Festival — jephotography @ 10:26 pm

We went to the Dogwood festival this past weekend. It was really fun.there were lots of people who came to our town to sell things. There was a train, and big trampoline toys, Jeremy got to pet baby Alpacas. There were all sorts of yummy things to eat. Jeremy got a bag of Kettle Corn…he ate the whole thing, and then had a tummy ache.

Naomi and Jacob thought it was boring so they slept most of the time. It was a really sunny hot day. Its a rainy day today, Jeremy and his friend Barrett played in the rain and splashed in puddles. They were both soggy and cold, but they sure giggled a lot when they were playing.
Well thats all for now.


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